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Tethering two iOS devices via bluetooth

April 2, 2014


Tethering is a feature I love about my phone (and my mobile provider) for mobile internet and also for easing the pain when changing your home ISP. If you want to tether a bluetooth enabled device with an iOS device, it makes a lot of sense to use bluetooth instead of Wifi, since the energy […]

Start learning iOS development

March 26, 2014


Since I recently had the pleasure to start diving into iOS development, I wanted to jot down a handful of sources, that I found very effective. There is the official Apple Introductory Tutorial – a good place to start, get an overview and your feet wet Than there is an excellent, free(!) Stanford U Course on […]

Notification for long(er) running command line processes (on Mac OS X)

March 25, 2014


It happens several times daily, that I have to fire off a command that will take more than one minute (bundle install, cap deploy, …). This is exactly the time I need to start focussing on other things and forgetting to return often to check on the task. Recently I figured that it  would be […]

CCMenu with TeamCity

January 1, 2014


One of the hats someone has to wear in our team every so many weeks is checking on the status of all projects on our CI server. Basically that boils down to one bit of information: is everything green OR not. I prefered not to have to look at UI of the CI server – […]

Creating a Windows Vista bootable thumb drive for a Fujitsu AMILO XI 2550

April 18, 2013


This is a short protocol of my experience reinstalling Windows Vista on a Fujitsu AMILO XI 2550. I basically followed this guide: A couple of small remarks though: alternative Vista files download source: after step 5 I used to put the ISO on a USB stick the catch: make sure to add the onboard RAID […]

RC rotercraft UAVs (multicopter, quadcopter) market overview

July 27, 2012


UPDATE: This article is not up to date anymore and also doesn’t give a very good overview. Further research has shown, taht there are more than 6 active, powerful autopilot projects. I want to create an article focused on that sometime in the future. As for hardware: this information is also outdated. There are more […]

Dropbox alternatives – an overview

December 13, 2011


UPDATE: This article is outdated. Most projects still exist, but some on them got into production ready state. Plus new developments like the availability of BitTorrent Sync (in connection with a small device like e.g. the rasberry pi) and the Transporter pretty much change the posisble solution space to this problem. There might be updates […]