Tethering two iOS devices via bluetooth

Posted on April 2, 2014


Tethering is a feature I love about my phone (and my mobile provider) for mobile internet and also for easing the pain when changing your home ISP. If you want to tether a bluetooth enabled device with an iOS device, it makes a lot of sense to use bluetooth instead of Wifi, since the energy consumption is significantly lower.

I had tried doing that before without luck, and I just now realised how to do it: the trick is to enable the Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot first on the device offering the [234]G (internet) connection. Once thats done, it can be discovered by other (iOS or Mac OS X) devices. On Mac OS X I still had to click on the Bluetooth symbol, select the iPhone and click on Connect to Network, on iOS the device used the tethered internet connection right away.

Have fun.

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