Dropbox alternatives – an overview

Posted on December 13, 2011


UPDATE: This article is outdated. Most projects still exist, but some on them got into production ready state. Plus new developments like the availability of BitTorrent Sync (in connection with a small device like e.g. the rasberry pi) and the Transporter pretty much change the posisble solution space to this problem. There might be updates coming about that subjects.

I am very interested in finding an alternative to dropbox. I like the service idea, but would prefer to use either an own server or having a provider that uses more than one encryption key. This post is a short overview over a purely web based research, and shall be updated in the future.

What I am looking for ideally is a drop in replacement for dropbox with the following features:

  • Mac OS X support
  • versioning
  • automatic syncing of files
  • offline access
After a bit of googling, this is what I found:

Most promising but still in beta status. This will be the thing in about a year.

Keep an eye on:

For geeks only

Great if you like to play around, not good if you need simple, reliable, immediately working operation.

Add ons that make Dropbox secure

The idea is to add one more level of security. A local encrypted folder is created that then is synced to Dropbox. No clue if history etc of dropbox still make sense that way. Online file access is definitely impossible. But it is basically a good idea. Till 2 GB personal use free.

Cloud alternatives

Those alternatives are generally the same as dropbox. Most of them claim to offer more security in e.g. really encrypting the users data.

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